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Pioneers in IT Infrastructure Solutions

We design, build, run and optimize networks with a keen eye on usability and profitability.

We're unlike any other MSP and have proven that in the most challenging industries.

Let us help you operate, integrate and collaborate better. Today and tomorrow.

yes, we really are unique

The 4 Things that Make Us


  • We design purpose-built solutions
  • We help to define needs and vulnerabilities
  • We build what you need and service what we build
  • We’re so much more than just Managed Services

In Our World 'Good Enough' Isn’t Good Enough

Sure, every IT solution should be purposeful.  The difference is that our process STARTS from your purpose.

We don’t ‘customize’ or ‘modify’ an off-the-rack solution to be ‘good enough.’

Instead, we start with you…designing what you need, anticipating how those needs will change over time, and creating solutions that future-proof your organization.

We Help to Define Needs and Vulnerabilities

Building and Rebuilding is Expensive and Disruptive

Sometimes it takes a 30,000 foot view from above to see what’s happening on the ground.  Or, more importantly, what ISN’T happening.

Every Static1 engagement starts with a deep dive into your business imperatives, challenges and vulnerabilities.  We help to define the future-state…and how your infrastructure needs to be able to adapt as you change.  Because gaps need to be filled, protocols need to be secure, and building and rebuilding is expensive and disruptive.

We Build What You Need and Service What We Build

A Single Source of Truth for Your IT Infrastructure

We don’t just design the system…we literally BUILD it…circuit by circuit and connection by connection.  It’s what we’ve done for businesses around the world.

Then, we provide on-site/on-demand and field engineers to handle all of your staff maintenance needs or just enough to augment your existing staff to maintain and trouble-shoot any issues.  24/7.

With unexpected ROI efficiencies, we create a single source of truth for your infrastructure management.

We’re so much more than just Managed Services

Operate Smarter, Faster and with Greater ROI

Unlike other MSPs, we do it all:

  • Network and infrastructure assessment and systems integration
  • Solution building, optimization and bandwidth planning
  • Hardware and software procurement and monitoring
  • Security management
  • Data center hosting and servicing
  • Logistics, SD-WAN, hosting and cloud connectivity

Operate smarter, faster, and with less cost…now and down the road.