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TPN Assessment and Diagnostic

Ensure protection of entertainment content and media assets.

Static1 offers comprehensive consulting services to third-parties, studios and TPN assessors to assist them in ensuring a secure infrastructure, adhering to TPN guidelines and platform requirements.

Adopt MPA Guidelines

Increase your business value to studios

The Trusted Partner Network (TPN) is owned and managed by the Motion Picture Association (MPA), with the initiative to protect content assets industry-wide, globally.

The Static1 Diagnostic & TPN Assessment is a rapid, high-insight service designed to help third-parties assess, address and improve their infrastructure and operational governance, providing maximum protection against leaks and breaches of media & entertainment content assets.

Our diagnostic program is flexible, and easily accommodates individual  studio audit processes and requirements, with a focus on Digital, Physical and Management Security.  The diagnostic yields key security insights and recommendations for preparedness, identifying both gaps and the opportunities third-parties can realize while meeting TPN guideline requirements.

Static1 Expertise
TPN Guidelines for Content Security Best Practices of the Motion Picture Association

Digital Security

  • WAN Security
    – Firewall rules, ACLs and policies
  • Workstation Security
    – AD/SSD policies, authentication and logging
  • Antivirus Security
  • VRF/Network Segmentation
  • Work from Home/VPN Policy
  • Network Penetration Testing
  • Ingest/Delivery for Client Content
    – Process, supervision and logging

Physical Security

  • Cameras to secure production areas
    – logs, labels and reporting
  • Keycards to entry / exit points
    – logs, labels and reporting
  • Building Access
    – review documents from 3rd party building management and perimeter security
  • Master Key Tracking

Operations Security

  • Policies & procedures
    – Document reviews and sign-off prior to audit
  • Disaster Recovery Policy
  • Risk Assessment Review
  • Assist in hosting a Security Council Meeting
    – prepare all departments for audit Q&A

TPN Assessment

  • Training, awareness and Interpretation of TPN guidelines and specific studio requirements.
  • Identification of vulnerabilities and gaps (digital security, physical security, operations management & governance).
  • Options for remediation with a clear roadmap of how we intend to fix the deficiencies, timeline & budget estimates.
  • TPN Extended Questionnaire, response support.
  • Preparation of Client Presentations for TPN Assessors &/or Direct Studio Audits.
Diagnostic Methodology

Our Diagnostic Process Combines:

  • A review of current infrastructure documents and processes.
  • First-hand observations and impressions through stakeholder interviews.
  • Analysis of performance data and information or vulnerability gaps.
  • Workshops with key stakeholders to facilitate recommendations for improved design, implementation, or operations.

Our Diagnostic Methods:

  • Structured interview methods.
  • Reference cases; what has worked well in similar environments.
  • Proprietary statistical tools and models.
  • Templates and checklists for data collection.
  • Best practices to help define the target state.
  • Vendor specific experience; profiles and factsheets

Become an assessed and enrolled vendor on the TPN Platform

While a TPN Assessment is voluntary, participating in the assessment demonstrates your commitment to cybersecurity and to secure content handling workflows, which increases your value to MPA member studios and content creators.

Request more information or schedule an assessment/consultation.