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The Ever-Challenging World of Retail Just Became a Bit Less Challenging

Retail was never easy but today, customers have so many more purchase outlets. That puts added pressure on retailers on almost every level, and technology is at the core of the both the problem and the solution.

From providing the network connectivity needed across many platforms to enabling frictionless in-store and e-commerce transactions, we have delivered it all for the retail industry.


Thank you Ma'am

Let’s face it. Today’s customer has been trained to be impatient. E-commerce sites that load slowly get abandoned; failed checkout experiences can mean a lost customer, and self-service speed and ease has never had greater impact on customer satisfaction and retailer reputation. Your connectivity, both within stores and online, has never been more important. We understand that. We stay awake anticipating that.

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Way Beyond Technology

It was never this difficult, because customers have never had so many choices. Understanding the landscape and the touchpoints that make or break the customer experience are critical.  We get it. We’re as focused on seamless transactions and always-on connectivity, as we are on digital signage, ensuring frictionless card processing and payment systems, and managing your in-store and online reputation.  We even get involved at the earliest of stages, with wireless surveys and heatmaps of locations…domestically and across the globe.

Unlike many other companies, we build what we sell and we service what we build.  Down to the circuits and fibers.  From infrastructure to networking, from vulnerability scanning to the latest in firewall protections, and everything in between, we’re far more than you have come to expect from a managed services provider.

Every Service You Need

At an unparalleled level of service

Evolving Expectations

Demand evolving solutions

You know retail; we know technology. Together, we know how to manage technology so that retailers can give customers what they demand in terms of product, service and experiences.

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Give us an hour and we’ll track you through what we do, who we do it for, and how we can be the resource you need for today and tomorrow. If you’re not ready to make a change yet but just want to explore the options, that’s fine too. And, we’ll put you in touch with some of our clients so you can hear from them what a relationship with Static1 has meant to their businesses.