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Our Team Becomes Your Team

No matter how big we get, the top of our organization is involved in every engagement.

When you give us an hour of your time to get acquainted, these are the people you’ll meet. And, they’ll remain more active on your business than you probably expect, but that you certainly deserve.

Anthony Lobretto
President and Chief Technology Officer
If it can be done, Anthony knows how to do it. If it hasn’t been done, Anthony knows how to create it.

Anthony founded Static1 and serves as both President and CTO where he continues to leverage his history of building IT infrastructures and developing technical solutions to meet ever-changing client needs. 

An accomplished technologist, and a network management and engineering professional, Anthony’s vision of tomorrow and his extensive expertise across a broad range of IT systems, applications, networks and hardware informs Static1 solutions.

Richard Neuner
Chief Customer Officer
Rich’s expertise makes him a force in every industry and an enormous asset to customers and prospective customers of Static1.

Rich joined Static1 as Chief Customer Officer after almost three decades of experience in IT strategy, core services, and infrastructure development and deployment in financial services and retail. 

Focused on maximizing performance, efficiency, availability, and scalability of systems on both a local and global scale, Rich digs deep to understand current and future needs, and strives for perfect delivery of solutions, so that systems are always on, and always a step ahead.

Gary Furman
Vice President, Sales
Gary can not only sell the right solutions to customers, but can anticipate their next set of needs and get ahead of the deliverables to make that happen.

With a background in solutions engineering, evolving IT requirements and solution selling, Gary leads the business development efforts for Static1.

In this role, and with our customers, Gary brings a solid knowledge base of experience, as he works closely with the Project and Support Leads to proactively address the technology needs of client purpose-built networks and constantly improve platforms that drive success.

Richard Granatir
Senior VP, Operations
Rich is an expert at bringing together the right people with the right skills to service Static1 clients.

Driven by a goal of keeping Static1 as a leader, Rich ensures our ability to provide a concierge level of technical expertise and customer attention.

Prior to joining Static1, Rich directed the IT operations for the ASPCA, where he transformed the organization to a cloud-based infrastructure (and then led them to new uses such as ERP and digital identity).  Earlier, he was at A&P Corporate where he monitored and managed multiple platforms, physical and virtual infrastructure, and more.


We're Growing...
We're Hiring

We live and breathe this business.

If that’s how you approach business and you’ve got the skills we need, we should definitely speak.

WE’RE GROWING & HIRING! We live and breathe this business.

If that’s how you approach business and you’ve got the skills we need, we should definitely speak.