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Network and

We design, build, run and optimize IT infrastructures, seamlessly, cost-effectively, and at the highest level of service.

Our success in delivering all of this is what leads clients to know they've made the right decision, and what makes them our biggest supporters.



for today and tomorrow

We're known for the design and development of purpose-built IT networks and infrastructure solutions.

But we do more than just design and build.

We identify gaps, expose vulnerabilities and inform every project
to consider today’s needs and anticipate tomorrow’s challenges.


  • Purpose-built carrier-grade topology using best-in-breed Juniper hardware and protocols (MPLS and EVPN)
  • MPLS traffic engineering deployed to meet specific workflows
  • Built to meet or exceed specific industry guidelines
  • Uninterrupted logistics, staging and network management, anywhere in the world
  • Sourcing, negotiating and procuring every piece of hardware and software
  • Visual mapping to detail every connection and circuit, with redundancies to ensure uptime
  • Fully dynamic routing between the Static1 Provider Edge and Customer edge switches
  • Use of existing Static1 SD-WAN Gateways for remote locations, as desirable
  • Virtual Route Forwarding (VRFs) tables including but not limited to: Production, Data IO, Corporate and Real-time
  • Metro-ethernet DWDM and dark fiber management
  • Fully-managed, dedicated SD-WAN gateways in hubs
  • Dedicated, professional implementation and project management
  • Predictive site surveys and onsite pre/post site surveys with RF spectrum analyses for wireless networks
  • Wireless Network Security Hardening  ​
  • End-to-end Wi-Fi network monitoring and management​

We’re at Your Service.

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