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Media and Entertainment

It is at our core.

Our first client was a 3D conversion and visual effects company that needed network connectivity around the world. They’re still a client. And, since then, media, entertainment and post-production has been a key specialty segment.

What makes us so strong? Our clients will tell you. Until then, read on.



From high-speed connectivity and bandwidth provisioning to firewalls, security, service and protocols that exceed MPAA standards, nobody knows this industry better than Static1. Beyond that, we keep our fingers on the pulse of the industry, ensuring that we deliver what you need today and ensuring that our solutions adapt to tomorrow.

Best is a mandate: not a goal

When we build a network for our clients, we demand connectivity that exceeds expectations.  That’s why we enable systems to transfer hundreds of petabytes of data across the world, why we build redundancies into solutions, and why we monitor solutions 365 days a year.  Any delays in your schedule should not be a result of problems in our solutions.

We know your users, their expectations, and the importance of seamless transmission and uninterrupted service.  We know the bandwidth required to collaborate on high resolution files and the cost, time and creative implications of being unable to deliver.  And, we learn every day based on our continuous monitoring…always making sure to advance the solution to deliver flawlessly.

Experience informs our solutions

Every interaction builds that experience


Today and tomorrow

We focus on building and servicing the solutions you need today, but our vision is on ensuring they meet your needs for tomorrow.  Because nobody wants to be redoing and retraining on solutions…which only takes time away from doing the work that needs to get done.

But commitment goes beyond just the usability of the solutions.  It encompasses a commitment to cost savings, speed and service.  All of that is what sets Static1 apart.


Learn more about how we helped a spin-off creative and post-production company develop a distinctive network asset that positions it for today and tomorrow.