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Managed Services

We provide a proven, dedicated management system that enables single pane of glass monitoring.

You get peace of mind from knowing that your infrastructure is secure, your vulnerabilities are under control, and your answers are at a push of a button.

At the intersection of



At the heart of our offerings is the best of Managed Services.
We give you what you would expect, and a whole lot more of what you only wished you could get.

Our Managed Services

  • 24/7/365 Network Operations Center
  • Best of future 24/7 management applications and systems
  • Manned geographically diverse operations centers to ensure seamless delivery to points of service
  • Customized real-time dashboards and in-depth on-demand and scheduled reporting
  • SNMP, FLOW, RPM and SLA for enhanced visibility
  • Automated device configuration and backups, customizable notifications and multi-factor authentication for devices
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Log monitoring and retention
  • Customizable SLAs
  • Full backup and recovery
  • In-market and remote servicing
  • Use of ServiceNow for customizable change and configuration management

Data Center Management Services

Today’s enterprise data centers are technically sophisticated infrastructures. However, they are prone to issues, vulnerabilities and inefficiencies. Partner with a Data Center Management Expert to address these challenges.