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Bringing healthy network solutions to healthcare.

Static1 has history in healthcare, building network solutions for the transference of data records, evolving systems from MPLS to the speed and applications access of SD-WAN, and reducing costs significantly.

Maybe most important, our solutions have brought flexibility, agility and user satisfaction that help to position our clients for the future.

We Take

Full Measure of Your Infrastructure

We don’t just have to build your network. Sometimes we’ll level-set your infrastructure. Sometimes we’ll do an upfront assessment to advise on your vulnerabilities and opportunities before you decide on a path forward.

Front and Center are

Security and compliance

Perhaps no other industry is more in need of an infrastructure that is secure, protects data, and complies with every state, local and federal requirement.  We get it.  We also build systems that don’t just secure your processes and data, but super-secure them with firewalls and safeguards to provide backup to your backups. SOC2 certified and with the flexibility to host in the cloud from our servers or yours, we provide peace of mind to our clients.

We’ve helped almost every single client reduce costs significantly while improving performance, security, uptime and scalability.  In some cases, that cost reduction has run into the 20-30-40% range.  You do the math.  Maybe it’s time we speak about improving both your infrastructure and bottom line.

Savings come from

The right systems... and the right partner

We should talk

Give us an hour and we’ll track you through what we do, review what you need and how we can help you to get there.