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Financial Services

Financial services requires uninterrupted connectivity.

Few industries require the kind of always-on, instant connectivity of financial services. That's why entities from banking and lending institutions to private equity and global trading firms rely on us to provide and service their networks.

What drives our success in financial services? We’re sure several of our clients will be happy to share their experience. Until then, here’s some of what we expect you’ll hear.

We make sure you are

Always On. Always Ready.

In an industry where transactions need to take place in nanoseconds, there is no room for downtime. We get it. We deliver on it. And, we make sure that there are fail safes in place to kick in instantaneously if needed. It’s one of the many reasons we have been able to grow our presence with some very recognizable names in financial services. VERY recognizable.

An even

Higher standard of regulatory oversight

Perhaps no other industry is more in need of an infrastructure that is secure, protects data, and complies with every state, local and federal requirement.  We get it.  We also build systems that don’t just secure your processes and data, but super-secure them with firewalls and safeguards to provide backup to your backups. SOC2 certified and with the flexibility to host in the cloud from our servers or yours, we provide peace of mind to our clients.

We’re proud to say that our first client in the financial world not only continues to be a client, but has grown with us.  Perhaps equally important, technology leaders who leave our clients tend to hire us at their new company.  That happens because we’re dedicated, focused and supremely capable…not to mention that we’re the right resource to add services as needs and businesses evolve.

We have many

Relationships that endure

Every service you need

At an unparalleled level of service

Unlike many other companies, we build what we sell and we service what we build.  Down to the circuits and fibers.  From infrastructure to networking, from vulnerability scanning to the latest in firewall protections, and everything in between, we’re far more than you have come to expect from a managed services provider.

We should talk

Give us an hour and we’ll track you through what we do, who we do it for, and how we can be the resource you need for today and tomorrow. And, we’ll put you in touch with some of our clients so you can hear from them what a relationship with Static1 has meant to their businesses.