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Why Choose Static1

We've done it, we get it, and we've got the goods to prove it.

In a world of generalists, Static1 stands apart as a specialist.

And not just in a single service or a single type of company. It's in our understanding of your unique needs. It's how we design and service IT infrastructures that will work now and evolve into the future…no matter what that future holds.

Whatever your challenge

We'll Handle It


Need to collaborate globally on high bandwidth files? Manage supply chain and inventory complexity? Align your newly-merged organization behind a single infrastructure? Ensure accessibility without sacrificing network security for a remote workforce?

You share your challenge. We’ll share the solution.



Your 1-stop MSP

Pioneers in the assessment, design, and servicing of purpose-built professional IT infrastructure solutions. We:

  • Design what you need and build what we design
  • Go deep to identify gaps, expose vulnerabilities and help define today’s needs and anticipate tomorrow’s challenges
  • Secure, monitor, and service what we sell, leveraging our intimate system knowledge on a 24/7 basis
  • Employ innovators and leaders who have proven expertise in the most challenging industries across the globe

Seriously, we can deliver everything you need.

From SD-WAN to Consulting, from Network Modeling and Design to Security Management, and from Staffing and Hosting to Backup and Disaster Recovery.

We work with you to assess your current needs and provide expert counsel to help frame those needs for tomorrow.


Full Service,
Not Lip Service


The "I" is
up to "U"

How do you define ROI?

If you think of ROI as Return on Investment, we deliver every time.

We work smart…defining needs and parameters upfront and delivering purpose-built proprietary solutions for no more than modified off-the-rack options.

But, what about all of the other I’s?

Things like Insight.  Information.  Innovation.  Improvement.  Industriousness.  Intelligence.  Immediacy.  We can return all of these to your organization…changing your definition of ROI forever.

THE RIGHT infrastructure lets you do four key things:

Operate Integrate Collaborate Activate

  • Operate with ease, efficiency and in ways that drive employee and customer delight
  • Integrate the data, services and information to allow seamless workflow and secure access to files
  • Enable collaboration across the organization, increasingly with remote workforces
  • Activate on programs and plans, with continuous uptime, security protocols and speed of transmission

We’ve spent well over a decade perfecting all of these deliverables.

Isn't it time you ran your organization like clockwork?