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Consulting Services

We partner with you to assess, design and deliver the best solution; not just the now solution.

From assessment to design to service, Static1 fills the gaps, overcomes the vulnerabilities, frames and future-proofs your solution for tomorrow.


+ Mind


You outline your needs, and we bring our perspective based on years of IT infrastructure development.

An insider view PLUS an outsider view...a winning combination for our clients every time.


  • Review of your current network and infrastructure, with deep dive into evolving needs and current limitations
  • Insight into infrastructure and network trends; what’s needed to keep you future-focused
  • Review of company culture and how the new infrastructure needs to mirror or evolve the culture; steps necessary to do so
  • Current datacenter capabilities and integration needs for the infrastructure
  • Future growth plans to allow for infrastructures to be able to accommodate geographic, workforce and workplace location changes NOW
  • ROI considerations, balancing delivery against budgets and setting realistic targets
  • Exploration of needs for driving information, innovation, improvement, intelligence, immediacy and more, with key focus on speed and access

We’re at Your Service.

We provide just about Everything as a Service. Want to know more? Keep going, or say